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Discovering Nature
The border land
The Geology Trail
Malingsbo Community
Tombo Ice Mines
Flatenbergs Foundry
The Red Earth
The Copper Works
Liens Foundry
Bastnäs Mines
Löa Foundry
This rural mining district is the land of toil. It is the land of days of heavy labour that kept the furnaces burning and iron from Bergslagen flowing. There was ore and forest to utilise and watercourses suitable for transportation. Today relics from mining and foundry societies bear witness to a strong and successful period of iron production. An activity that fed hundreds of thousands of mouths during a thousand years.
But there are also other traces of history. There is evidence of the ice age in the landscape. The Geology Trail winds from the north to the south of Älgmark. Go out into nature and see how the ice created the landscape. When you've seen this you'll understand. And it is awesome.
Flatenbergs Foundry, Skinnskatteberg. Photo: Agneta Waldenhielm.