Älgmark Malingsbo-Kloten

Ecological sport fishing

We regard "catch and release" as an important part in out interplay with nature. As a member of our association you will amongst other things:

Receive information about C&R waters in Sweden

Information about various fishing waters in Sweden
Different fishing methods
Research on fish management
Ethical rules
Research reports
Entomology, detailed information about flies and other insects.


We are actively engaged in the management of fish. Together with Älgmark and Sveaskog we have decided to test Catch and Release in some of the lakes in Malingsbo-Kloten. By apllying a no-kill policy we hope to create a basis for future fishing.
Our present project is to restore a stretch of Lumsån River and allow for a natural population of trout. With permission of the provincial authorities and funds from EU objective 2 this has been made possible. You can follow the projects progress on our website.

Sami Turan
Klockargatan 8 A
723 44 Västerås
e-Mail: sfm_morgondagen@hotmail.com

If you wish to know more about us and our projects visit our website:

Photo: Sportfiske för morgondagen.

Sportfiske för morgondagen