Älgmark Malingsbo-Kloten

Malingsbo is an old iron works community

With its roots in the 17th century. Well known historical buildings in Malingsbo are Malingsbo Manor House and St. Anna's Chapel.

Malingsbo Idrottsförening owns another historical building, but of a later date.

Malingsbo Dance Pavilion, built in 1922
Today the pavilion is used for social gatherings, private parties and auctions etc, as well as for dances.
Inquiries about hire of the pavilion: Christer Ställberg 0240-350 25
Overnight lodging in connection with hire of the pavilion is possible at Malingsbo Hostel


Malingsbo Idrottsförening
Participates in the Eve of May and Mid-summer festivals in the village.
Organises exercise "go, jog, run"
Sponsors members' participation in competitions
Lets the dance pavilion.
Lends the football pitch that lies on the sand ridge at Fogdtorpet.
Works with local development and projects.
Malingsbo Idrottsförening
Christer Ställberg (ordf.)
Norra Bisen 35
777 93 Söderbärke
Telephone: 0240-350 25
Mobile: 070-4457493
Route description:
Malingsbo Dance Pavilion is situated between the main road and the lake just north of the village centre.

Malingsbo idrottsförening